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Immortalize your pregnancy (Resin)
Immortalize your pregnancy (Resin)
Immortalize your pregnancy (Resin)
Immortalize your pregnancy (Resin)

Immortalize your pregnancy (Resin)

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Prolong the beauty of this magical and special moment, making it last forever.

We have the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and artistic sensibility. We make artistic pieces of great quality and detail.

Material: Resin
Colour: Nude
Delivery time: 30 days approx.
Piece size: 16 cm.


*We are able to work from client's photos

KING Pull Handles / FAQ

• What materials are the handles available in?

Currently in stainless steel, soon our collection will include brass, bronze and copper.


• Will KING continue to release new collections?

Yes. Our manufacturing department continues to develop ideas and prototypes of top designed handles & hardware . Our production is boutique because we take care of every detail of the pieces we manufacture.

• Why do KING handles use allen screws?
Our manufacturing department chose the Allen screw because they are much more aesthetic, the quality is superior and they make our parts more stable and safe.

• Are they difficult to install ?
Not at all, it is a very simple process. If you still have doubts, you can consult the instructions and the video tutorial.


• If I already have previous handles, can these help me?
YES. One of the objectives that we had in mind during the development of the product was to offer the option of the metal plate to cover previous holes and to be able to use our handles in any piece of furniture.


• Can they rust?
Please note that all metal finishes are prone to aging.


• I do not know the thickness / thickness of the wood of my furniture, do the handles fit?
Yes. The advantage of the Allen screws is that they are very easily obtained at any hardware store, on the internet or at and that they come in different lengths, thus allowing the end customer to always be able to properly install the KING handles.


• Can a KING handle support an MDF door?
Yes. With proper installation, there should be no problem using them on MDF. Plate is suggested.


• Can they be installed on wood with veneers?
Yes. With proper installation, there should be no problem using them on wood with veneers.


• If I need a special measure KING handle. Can you help me?
We have standard sizes in stock (See relevant technical information). Special measures can be developed from minimum orders (MOQ) of 100 pieces *Could have additional costs. For more information send an email to


• Do the handles have a guarantee?
Of course. 5 years against manufacturing defects. It is essential to present the purchase receipt and/or invoice.


• Where can I see them physically / showroom?
At the moment we only have an online store. We have plans to set up the showroom in CDMX soon. We will be adding the list of distributors on the floor.


• I want to use it outside, is it possible?
Yes, they can be placed outdoors, it must be taken into account that the environment can affect the shine/finish of the products. The pieces have their charm when they age and generate patinas and rust.


• How can they be maintained and cleaned without damaging?
Clean only with a damp cloth, do not use solvents and/or chemical products. Preferably use a cloth dedicated exclusively to cleaning the parts. The use of chemical agents in its cleaning invalidates the guarantee.


• Are they firm once placed?
Yes. All parts are mechanically tested before being sold.


• Do those metals wear off with time and use?
No. Proper installation and use of the parts guarantee their high durability.


• Is safe for online purchases?
Yes it is safe. We use payment gateways that have a high level of security.


• How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Usually 5-7 business days. (Domestic). Could be earlier. In any case, as soon as the purchase is made, the shipping guide is shared with the customer. Any questions about the status of your shipment please contact us at


• Do you ship abroad?
Yes, we can ship abroad. Delivery times will be subject to delivery service providers.


• Can you invoice?


• Can the color/tone of the material be altered?
In Copper, Brass and Bronze there could be a change since the materials described are prone to aging and when they oxidize with the air they generate a very nice change in color which is called patina.


• Are all the handle parts solid metal?
Yes, all of our handles  are solid metal.


• Can I clean them with acid?
No. It is not recommended at all because the acids and chemical products damage the finishes of our pieces. The use of chemicals invalidates the warranty.


• Do the handles include screws?
Yes, they come with screws included.


• Do the handles include the Allen key?
That's right, one Allen key is shipped per order. In orders of more than 10 pieces, 2 Allen keys will be sent in total.


• Is it possible to buy the escutcheons separately?
Yes, it is possible to purchase them separately.


• Is it possible to buy the back plates separately?
Yes, it is possible to purchase them separately.


• How long do they tend to last?
With the care described in this section and correct installation and use of the parts, its duration is greater than 25 years.


• Do you have them permanently in stock?
Generally yes. High-volume or special orders, we can attend and schedule them to meet the stipulated dates on time. For special orders please send an email to


• Can I apply varnish to them?
We do not recommend it. however some of our clients choose to apply clear lacquer at their own risk.


• Can I use them on tempered glass, is it possible?
We are developing the version for temperate, we will notify on this site when it is available for sale.


• How far apart are the centers drilled to place the screws?
Our handles include 1:1 templates in the installation kit to facilitate placement


• Can I sand them?
Not recommended as it will deteriorate finishes and void warranty


• What other models do you handle in the collection?
We continue to develop products, the available parts will be updated on our website


• Where do I find spare parts?
We have an alliance with there you will find the spare parts you want, and if necessary you can contact


• Are there returns, what is the exchange policy?
Our refund policy is available for consultation at the following link:


• Do you have instructions for installation?
Yes they come with instructions and there is also a video tutorial


• What tools do I need to install them?
Drill, allen key (included), allen screws (50 mm), XXX diameter drill bit, # XXX countersink, blue or low tack tape (recommended), level indicator or “level” (recommended).


• Could you suggest different sizes of Allen screw to fit different thicknesses of wood?
Of course, the most common that could be required, depending on the thickness, would be 50, 60, 70 mm long screws (There are shorter or longer ones, but it is rare that these measurements are required when installing the pieces)


• Where are your pieces designed?
Some in Italy and others in Denmark


• Where are the pieces manufactured?
In Mexico


If you have additional questions that are not included in the FAQ please contact us. We will gladly assist you

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